Nexus Class Library (version 2.1)

by Paul O. Lewis and Mark Holder

The NEXUS Class Library is a C++ library for parsing NEXUS files. Paul Lewis originally wrote the library and did a very nice job of documenting its interface. That is the version 2.0 that is documented at

Mark Holder has extended NCL and currently does most of the maintenance work. Version 2.1 strives to be backward compatible with v2.0. The documentation for v2.1-specific features is not as good as v2.0 docs, but we are working on them. They improved a great deal on March 27, 2010. Those docs are posted at They refer to some functions that were just added, so you'll need the latest version of NCL.

sourceforge project page for NCL.

Download NEXUS Class Library (NCL) files

We are trying out posting Debian packages for NCL at

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